Govt Job Scenario In India

The number of vacant posts of any government department is in the tenth digit and the applications come in lakhs. This situation ranges from fourth grade to officer level. Those who apply for the post of clerk in any government department, MBA, BE degree holder also remain.

Defence Jobs are most seeked upon career option in India as it provides job security which is much needed wish of every fresher. Other than that railway sector is also prefered choice of candidates as vacancies are advertized almost every month.

But less attendance of test takers in recently concluded Railway Recruitment Examination has given birth to a new debate. The attendance in the examination in Indore was less than 20 percent. The number of applicants was around 2500 thousand. Only four and a half thousand applicants have come to take the exam. 

These are the figures of a city. At the national level, this can be further increased. Can it be assumed that those applicants who have not been given the exams will have got a job somewhere else. Have the disillusioned youths with government jobs?

If we find out the reasons, one thing that appears in front is corruption. Corruption in every area of ​​the country has now also made space in jobs. 'Transaction' is now being made the way for any government job.

For example, in the National Defense Academy (NDA), the highlighted recruitment scam case can be taken. Officers and brokers in the ND who prepared the jawans to protect the country, took the bribe to recruit staff like cook, gardener, laboratory, reading assistant, lower class clerk.

This episode in the country's largest institution indicates that the 'transaction' works. The young man who qualifies for the job, but he fails in the examination of 'transaction'. Rapidly growing corporate culture can also be considered as the reason for reducing government job attraction

Large corporates companies provide all the facilities with a good salary, which are in any government job. Secondly, the company keeps those young people on their jobs, right on the criteria they make. The company does not have anything to do with bribe and recommendation.

The government should pay attention to the transparency of recruitment process in government jobs. With transparency in the recruitment process, recruitment of eligible youth will be possible in these posts. Youth will also be honest with their work.

In the field of IT, it has become amazing. There are young people between 37 and 40 years working as CEOs of big companies of IT. In such a situation, there is a big possibility for future leaders ahead of these new leaders.

From this, it became clear that compared to government jobs, talented people in the private sector have multiplied more times.

Shortly before, a magazine prepared a detailed report by the survey. The facts of that report were shocking. So far it was believed that after the economic liberalization, the period of competition and privatization in the whole world is going on because of the increased interest in youngsters either doing their own work or in private sector jobs. The conclusion of that journal was that most of the youth still consider government jobs as better for themselves.

The truth can be a little different, but these reports are expressing the choice of youth in two separate areas. Definitely government jobs for the youth of high and strong economic background are no longer the center of attraction. However, many people who lost their jobs in the economic recession of 2008 may have been aware that they were in government jobs.

India was less affected by the global recession in 2008, but many jobs were eliminated in the private sector, which again raised the debate as to whether the youth should be employed in government jobs as safe or private to fulfill their dreams. Must show your talent in the field.

Many people believe that the government job is good for the comfort and safe future, but going to the private sector to make a lot of progress in life will be the right decision. 



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