Concrete Flooring Using Laser Screed

If you are first thinking about repairing a floor and decided to do it with your own hands, the first thing you should start with is the measurement of the main parameters of the room. 

If you are first thinking about repairing a floor and decided to do it with your own hands, the first thing, to begin with, is the measurement of the main parameters of the room (width, height, floor and wall area) and marking to determine the floor level. To determine or, in other words, to "beat off" the optimal floor level is easiest with the help of such a device as the level. It is installed on a special tripod or placed directly on the floor, following the observance of the alignment rules of the device strictly horizontally.

Using the Concrete laser screed flooring technology, you can install it yourself and do not face additional problems if you choose to use the most modern model with an automatic leveling system. If you have a simpler model, you will have to make an effort to learn how to align the device with a bubble in a flask with a liquid that almost all levels have. Some instruments of the mixed type of alignment combine manual and electronic mechanisms, such models are the most convenient.

After you set the laser level for the floor on a strictly horizontal surface and turn on the device, you will need to configure it according to the instructions and turn on the "free laser" mode (without which it will be impossible to perform measurements and plot the zero level of the floor). Then adjust the laser level so that its main beam hits exactly on the starting mark. When working in large rooms, use a special "target", which can easily get into the starting mark on the wall from a long distance.

After performing all the above manipulations, using a laser level for the floor, you will get a straight line of the laser (zero level of the floor), which will need to be noted with a padded cord. If you use a conventional laser level, then to get the same straight line on the opposite wall the device will need to be rotated by 180? And perform all the same manipulations. Rotational leveling is not necessary since it will be able to give a projection of the horizontal straight immediately to the entire perimeter of the room.

It should be noted that it is possible to use the laser level for the floor not only at the stage of marking, but also directly when laying the floors with a parquet board, tiles, laminate and other building materials. In all these cases, the leveling helps to achieve the evenest position of all elements of the coating in relation to each other.

Article Source: BGSB Polished Concrete


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